Buffer valve

Buffer valve

Buffer valve enhances well operation process.


Produced fluid flow control during ESP operation and natural flow.


  • Easy wide-range flow control;
  • Prevention of backflow in tubing string after pump stop;


  • ESP operation mode optimization during run-in-hole;
  • Stable well performance;
  • Fluid flow control;

Order reference

65х21 – connection size
10 – valve actuation pressure

Technical specification

  • Production method:
  • ESP, natural flow
  • Nominal pipe size, inch (mm):
  • 2.5 (65)
  • Valve actuation pressure, MPa (Psi):
  • up to 21 (3045)
  • Operating pressure, MPa (Psi):
  • up to 35 (5075)
  • Flow rate, bopd (m3 /d):
  • up to 3144 (500)

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