Control box

Control box

Multi-purpose equipment for automated oil production. In partnership with ABB international holding.


Automatic protection and speed control of electric motor for enhanced oil production.


  • High reliability;
  • Wide range of customized equipment upgrade options;
  • Flexible real-time drive control:
    – by pump filling level;
    – by calendar;
    – by timer;
    – by SCADA remote commands;
    – in manual mode;
  • Accurate measurement of load and position of polished rod;
  • Unit operation data archiving;
  • Remote control, monitoring, reading of dynamograms and emergency notification in real time are available;
  • Modifications with ELKAM-RM remote monitoring and control system, additional control sensors, video cameras and other electrical equipment are available;


  • Optimized and automated production;
  • Improved energy efficiency;
  • Runlife exceeds 5 years;

Types of control boxes

  • Direct start and automatic control;
  • VFD with manual and automatic control;
  • Sensorless automated control;
  • Intelligent control boxes;

Order reference

*BPU80 – beam pumping unit

Technical specification

  • Power, kWt:
  • up to 75 (more – as per Customer’s request)
  • Protection index IP:
  • as per Customer’s request
  • Climatic version:
  • as per Customer’s request

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