Conventional sucker rod

Conventional sucker rod

Solid sucker rod is manufactured in various sizes and grades. Length 20-315 inch (500-8000 mm), clip-on and moulded centralizers are available.


Solid sucker rods are designed for transmission of reciprocal motion from surface drive to sucker rod pump plunger or torque to PCP rotor in the process of oil production.


  • Heat-treated sucker rod body;
  • Improved strength and anti-corrosion characteristics;
  • Clip-on and moulded high-strength polyamide centralizers are available;
  • Rolled pin thread;


  • Runlife is over 5.5 years;
  • MTBF is 5 million cycles;
  • Failure-free durable thread;

Order reference


Technical specification

  • Applicable standards:
  • API 11B
  • Nominal size, inch (mm):
  • 3/4 (19), 7/8 (22), 1(25)
  • Length, inch (mm):
  • 20-315 (500-8000)
  • Grade:
  • K, C, D, D-special

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