Deparaffination equipment for SRP

Deparaffination equipment for SRP

The equipment is designed for tubing heating and flushing during SRP operation.


Heating, flushing and paraffin removal from tubing during SRP operation. Hollow rods are used for heating agent supply.


  • Reduced heat loss of washing fluid;
  • Faster heating and paraffin removal;
  • Flushing without SRP pumping unit stop;
  • No SRP clogging during flushing;


  • Reduced washing fluid volume;
  • Reduced washing time;
  • No impact on formation during washing;
  • Flushing of tubing in wells absorbing formations;

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Technical specification

  • Tubing OD, inch (mm):
  • from 2 7/8 (73)
  • Length of hollow sucker rod string, ft (m):
  • up to 4920 (1500)
  • Flow rate of hollow sucker rod, l/min:
  • up to 130
  • Flushing pressure, MPa (Psi):
  • up to 0.9 (140)
  • Washing fluid temperature, °F (°С):
  • up to 572 (300)

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