Dual completion SRP-SRP

Dual completion SRP-SRP

Dual completion SRP-SRP is used for simultaneous dual oil production from two formations.


Simultaneous dual oil production from two formations and separate flow rate metering.


  • Separate metering of produced fluid;
  • Smaller equipment dimensions due to concentric arrangement of production strings;
  • Adjustment of well operation modes;
  • Bottom formation pressure and temperature measurement;
  • Flushing of downhole equipment;
  • Injection of reagents to lower formation;
  • Separate sampling from each formation without well stop;


  • Increased oil production by eliminating formations interaction;
  • Decreased drilling footage;
  • No need to install second surface pumping unit;
  • Decreased well start-up time;
  • Killing of each formation without packer unset;
  • (De-) installation with standard equipment and tools by workover crews;
  • Technological service provided by manufacturer: selection, production, installation, supervision and maintenance;

Order reference


Technical specification

  • Max. pump setting depth, ft (m):
  • 4920 (1500)
  • Casing ID, inch (mm):
  • not less than 5 (127)
  • Tubing OD, inch (mm):
  • from 2 7/8 (73)
  • Ideal flow rate of two SRPs, bopd (m3 /day):
  • up to 520 (83)

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