Efficient solution for annular degassing

G.A.P. – gas annular pump – manufactured by ELKAM is designed for forced annular gas pumping driven by BPU. It is a double-stroke oil-filled pump with 1 meter stroke and flow rate up to 131 m3 per day

Application of this pump allows to increase SRP efficiency by increasing dynamic level, reduce risk of pump failure and to produce gas for subsequent regeneration

During field trial of gas annular pump in ROSNEFT the following results were achieved:

  • • Increase of produced oil volume – 1,4 t/d
  • • Increase of produced fluid volume – 4m3/d
  • • Decrease of annular pressure for 70%
  • • Increase of dynamic level for 81 m

The use of this technology will allow you to get an additional profit of 300 thousand rubles per year for one oil well

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