ELKAM invests in science and education

One of the most significant investment projects of our company was completed in 2018

Together with our partners from “Ulyanovskneft” company a unique educational and material base has been created at Ulyanovsk State University: a classroom of sucker rod pumps for oil production

The classroom is equipped by full-size samples of SRPs and additional oil production equipment. It gives to the students of Oil & Gas Engineering and Service department of Ulyanovsk State University the opportunity to get practical skills during the educational process

An official opening of the classroom took place at the end of October 2018 with the participation of the Head of the University and the top managers of the companies “Ulyanovskneft” and ELKAM

During this event a Deputy of the 1st Vice-Principal presented experience of Ulyanovsk State University in training of specialists for oil & gas industry. Moreover the future ways of cooperation between the University and our companies were marked out

“The theoretical basis of education in the oil and gas industry is important, but this is not enough. Up-to-date education of future oilman is impossible without practical work. So the contribution of our partners is invaluable “- the Deputy of the 1st Vice-Principal sums up