Flexible cable rod

Flexible cable rod

Flexible cable rod is designed for operation of highly deviated wells and small ID sidetracks.


Flexible cable rod is used as component of sucker rod string at place of sidetracking and within deviated sections of borehole.


  • Coupling-free;
  • Corrosion-resistant modification;
  • High strength;
  • Cable braiding substantially reduces friction against tubing string inner surface;


  • Substantial reduction in damage of tubing string ensured by larger area of contact between the cable rod and tubing inner surface and by lower friction force;
  • Longer well MTBF;
  • Higher efficiency of well equipment set ensured by setting sucker rod pump in sidetracks;
  • Reduced time of RIH/POOH;

Order reference

FCR- 7/8″/ 3/4″-300
7/8” – top connection thread
3/4” – bottom connection thread
300 – cable rod length (m)

Technical specification

  • Min. tubing ID, inch (mm):
  • from 2 3/8 (60)
  • Cable rod connection thread, inch (mm):
  • 3/4 (19), 7/8 (22), 1(25)
  • Cable OD, inch (mm):
  • 0.78 (20)
  • Cable rod length, ft (m):
  • up to 3280 (1000)
  • Reduced cable stress, MPa (Psi):
  • 170 (24655)
  • Cable breaking load, kN:
  • 370
  • Linear meter mass, lb (kg):
  • 5.3 (2.4)

Flexible cable rod is used in combination with sucker rod pivot couplings in order to prevent cable twisting.

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