G.A.P. gas annular pump

G.A.P. gas annular pump

G.A.P. gas annular pump is used for annular degassing.


Forced annular gas pumping driven by beam pumping unit.


  • No need for gas treatment and purification;
  • Installation on any pumping unit without interfering structure;
  • No additional drive for G.A.P. is required;
  • Gas meter installation is available;


  • Increased SRP efficiency by increasing dynamic level;
  • Reduced risk of pump failure;
  • Additional gas production for subsequent regeneration;
  • Installation without workover crew;

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Technical specification

  • Design type:
  • double-stroke oil-filled
  • Stroke, ft (m):
  • 3.2 (1)
  • Operating pressure, MPa (Psi):
  • up to 4 (580)
  • Flow rate, bopd (m3 /d)*:
  • GAP-95-M two-stroke 820 (131)

* At 7 strokes per minute and stroke length of 1 m

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