Gas separator

Gas separator

Gas separator is designed to substantially reduce concentration of free gas at pump intake.


Gas separator is designed to separate gas from formation fluid in process of sucker rod pump operation.


  • High separation coefficient – up to 98%;
  • 3-stage separation;
  • Separator can be used with small-ID casings;
  • Separator is easy to install, operate and repair;


  • Higher efficiency of pump operation with
    high concentration of free gas;
  • Reduced risk of pump failure caused by gas lock;
  • Longer runlife of sucker rod pumping system;
  • Reduced well repair cost;
  • Partial sand separation;

Order reference

25 (2 7/8″) – tubing ID

Technical specification

  • Tubing ID, inch (mm):
  • from 2 3/8 (60)
  • Casing ID, inch (mm):
  • from 4 (102)
  • Modular type:
  • product is equipped with centrifugal and/or labyrinth section
  • Flow rate, bopd (m3 /d):
  • up to 1885 (300)
  • Gas-oil ratio (GOR), scf/stb (m3 /m3 ):
  • up to 2805 (500)

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