High Gas-Oil-Ratio

For production of oil with high GOR ELKAM provides the following solutions: 1) specialized two-stage sucker rod pump with additional top valve which allows to shut off hydrostatic fluid column from discharge valve, thus creating low-pressure chamber above the travelling valve; 2) tubing sucker rod pump of THM-G (NNSHG) type plunger of which is made as valve plunger with plate-type seal of hard alloy travelling valve; 3) sucker rod pump with gas discharge tip which is used for the purpose of positive opening travelling valve; 4) gas separator designed for efficient high-capacity formation fluid gas separation.

Differential gas pump

Differential gas pump is used for production of high GOR crude to reduce or eliminate negative impact of gas on downhole equipment.

Sucker rod pump with gas discharge tip

Gas discharge tip increases sucker rod pump flow rate in high GOR environment.

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