High solids content

For efficient oil production in conditions of high solids content we manufacture and supply specialized pumps with “Sandshaver” plunger, wiper seal plunger or plunger with sealing rings; as well as SRP and ESP accessories: gas-sand anchors, filters, pipe scale collectors. These accessories increase efficiency of oil production unit operation, significantly decrease negative influence of solids on operating pump elements and as the result increase oilfield equipment runlife (prevent blocking and operation stopping).

RHAMZes Pump

Production of fluid with high solids content, up to 30% higher reliability in comparison with conventional SRP.

Sandshaver pump

Sandshaver pump significantly mitigates solids influence on operation of downhole equipment and increases its runlife.

Short-barrel pump

Combination of long plunger with short barrel significantly increases reliability of sucker rod pump operation in high sand production wells.

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