Hollow sucker rod

Hollow sucker rod

Hollow sucker rod is used as component of dual completion, heating and washing equipment.


  • Transmission of reciprocal motion from surface drive to sucker rod pump plunger;
  • Extraction of produced fluid from pump to wellhead through inner channel;
  • Hollow sucker rod and tubing string washing in order to remove paraffin and salt deposits and to improve equipment operation efficiency;
  • Injection of chemical agents or steam into tubing string or bottom-hole formation zone to reduce effects of complicating factors and to improve oil production;


  • Hollow sucker rods are made of strengthened heat-treated cold-rolled pipes;
  • Hot-upset head ensures equally efficient cross-section of sucker rod and equal inner diameter of channel along entire length;
  • Rolled connection threads ensure high fatigue strength;
  • Thrust cones reduces flexural stress at threads and ensures tight connection;
  • Moulded guides are available;


  • Separate lifting of produced fluid in dual completion & injection equipment sets;
  • Subsurface equipment smaller dimensions due to concentric arrangement of lifts;
  • Decrease metal consumption by using hollow sucker rods without tubing string;
  • Higher fluid velocity reduces deposits of paraffin and salt;

Order reference


Technical specification

  • Nominal size, inch:
  • HSR 19, HSR 22, HSR 25
  • Sucker rod body diameter, inch (mm):
  • 1.3 (34), 1.45 (37), 1.49 (38)
  • Sucker rod ID, inch (mm):
  • 1.1 (28)
  • Coupling OD, inch (mm):
  • 1.9 (49), 2.1 (54)
  • Length, inch (mm):
  • 17 – 315 (450-8000)
  • Strength grade:
  • С, D
  • Production flow rate, bopd (m 3 /d):
  • up to 440 (70)
  • Injection flow rate, bopd (m 3 /d):
  • up to 880 (140)

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