Jet pump

Jet pump

Jet pump allows to operate small ID casing wells with sidetracks. Developed and designed in cooperation with national university of oil & gas “GUBKIN UNIVERSITY”


  • Oil production from wells complicated by high viscosity of produced fluid, high content of solids and free gas, where other methods are inefficient;
  • Operation of sidetrack wells when jet pump is in sidetrack below dynamic level;
  • New wells completion;


  • Small dimensions and simple design;
  • No moving parts;
  • Wide flow rate range;
  • Smooth adjustment and hold down of bottomhole pressure and flow rate;
  • Emulsion breaker is available;
  • Jet pump replacement without tubing string pulling out;
  • Operation with SAGD technology;


  • Operation of deviated wells;
  • Stable production of high GOR formation fluid;
  • Reduced time and cost for pump replacement;

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Technical specification

  • Flow rate bopd (m3 /d):
  • up to 630 (100)
  • Head, ft (m):
  • up to 4920 (1500)
  • Max. deviation angle, degree:
  • up to 65
  • Pumped fluid:
  • multiphase mixture (oil-water-gas)


Production method requires specific infrastructure – shot pits or water production wells, pumping units, high-pressure water pipeline, preliminary water removal units (PWRU).

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