“Oil Industry” (No.1137 / 7’2018)

The article is devoted to warm-up and flush equipment set with hollow sucker rods designed and manufactured by ELKAM Company. This equipment is applied for hot flushing of oil wells equipped by downhole sucker rod pumps and complicated by asphaltene-resin-paraffin deposits, where tubing is used as a production string and hollow sucker rods with couplings are used as a heat transfer agent channel. Hot flushing agent (oil or water, superheated steam, chemical agents) is injected through the high-pressure hose to the hollow sucker rods string, and from there through the special washing coupling it flows above the pump and below the ARWD accumulation zone. Flow of hot agent to the wellhead provides dissolution of ARW deposits.

Also the article contains the detailed description of warm-up and flush equipment set operation and the results of field trial in the oilfields of Ulyanovskneftegas LLC during which operability this technology was confirmed and oil production targets were reached: decrease of flushing fluid volumes, refusal of usage of oil as a flushing agent, decrease of expenses for special vehicles for flushing, exception of downhole equipment failure because of ARW deposition. According to the findings of the commission of Ulyanovskneftegas LLC, ELKAM’s warm-up and flush equipment successfully passed field testing and corresponds to the requirements of industrial and ecological safety requirements.