Automatic on-tool is designed to facilitate process of tubing sucker rod pump installation.


Connection of SRP plunger and sucker rod string when running barrel-plunger pair in the hole.


  • Automatic on-tool prevents penetration of solids into the
    sub-plunger space in the process of running pump in well;
  • Automatic on-tool is designed to prevent damaging
    of plunger in tubing string while pump run in hole;
  • Easier plunger fitting into barrel;


High reliability of sucker rod pumping system.

Order reference

ON-TOOL- 20-3/4″ SR
20 (2 3/8”) – tubing ID
3/4” SR – connection thread of sucker rods

Technical specification

  • Max. tensile load, kN:
  • 90
  • Max. operating load, kN:
  • 60-72
  • Tubing ID, inch (mm):
  • from 2 3/8 (60)
  • Connection thread of sucker rods, inch (mm):
  • 3/4 (19), 7/8 (22), 1 (25)

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