PCP hollow polished rod

PCP hollow polished rod

PCP hollow polished rod is used for oil production as component of PCP system.


  • Wellhead sealing;
  • Transmission of torque from a surface drive to PCP rotor;
  • Hollow sucker rod and tubing string washing in order to remove paraffin and salt deposits and to improve efficiency of system;
  • Can be used for reciprocal motion from surface drive to plunger of sucker rod pump;


  • Hot-upset rod head ensures equal strength across polished rod;
  • Tool-joint threads are used for transmission of high torques and ensure reliability and tightness of connections at bending stress and tensile loading;


  • Tubing string can be flushed with idle drive without affecting formation zone;
  • Minimum volume of flush agents;
  • Rod length allows to extract rotor from stator for direct flushing without wellhead disassembly;

Order reference

PCP HPR-38-8000-D

Technical specification

  • Nominal size:
  • 38
  • Diameter, inch (mm):
  • 1.5 (38.1)
  • Length, inch (mm):
  • 315 (8000)
  • Grade:
  • C, D

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