PCP hollow sucker rod

PCP hollow sucker rod

PCP hollow sucker rod is used in oil production as component of PCP system.


  • Transmission of torque from surface drive to PCP rotor;
  • Tubing string washing to remove paraffin and salt deposits and to improve equipment operation efficiency;
  • PCP hollow sucker rod can be used as a component of sucker rod string to transmit reciprocal motion from surface drive to sucker rod pump;


  • PCP hollow sucker rods are made of strengthened heat-treated cold-rolled pipes;
  • Hot-upset head ensures equal strength across the sucker rod;
  • Tool-joint threads are used for transmission of high torques and ensure reliability and tightness of connections in flexural stress and tensile load;
  • String is easy to assemble and disassemble;
  • Moulded guides are available;
  • Coupling-free connection;


  • Increased torque transmission;
  • Longer runlife of sucker rod string;
  • Tubing string can be flushed with drive stopped in order to neutralize effects on formation zone;
  • Higher durability of threaded connections;
  • Minimum volume of flush agents;
  • Reduced time of RIH/POOH operations.;

Order reference


Technical specification

  • Nominal size, inch:
  • HSR-PCP 7/8
  • Sucker rod body diameter, inch (mm):
  • 1.45 (37)
  • Sucker rod ID, inch (mm):
  • 1.14 (29)
  • Upset head OD, inch (mm):
  • 1.8 (46)
  • Nipple ID, inch (mm):
  • 0.78 (20)
  • Length, inch (mm):
  • 17 – 315 (450 -8000)
  • Max. torque, lb·ft (kgf·m):
  • 2025 (280)
  • Strength grade:
  • С, D
  • Connection thread:
  • NC13

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