Polished rod

Polished rod

ELKAM produces polished rods up to 11 meters long, with nitrided, spray metal or plain working surface.


Wellhead sealing, as well as connection of surface drive with sucker rod string and transmission of reciprocal motion to sucker rod pump plunger or transmission of rotary motion to PCP rotor during oil production.


  • Rolled connection thread for high fatigue strength;
  • Rod surface hardening by spinning;
  • Improved strength and anti-corrosion properties;


Coating and rolled thread ensure extended runlife

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Technical specification

  • Polished rod OD, inch (mm):
  • 0.98 (25); 1.12 (28.6); 1.25 (31.8); 1.5 (38.1)
  • Connection thread, inch (mm):
  • 3/4 (19), 7/8 (22), 1(25)
  • Length, inch (mm):
  • up to 435 (11000)
  • Grade:
  • K, C, D, D special
  • Сoating:
  • nitrided / spray metal / plain

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