S.W.I.S. surface water injection system

S.W.I.S. surface water injection system

Surface-driven converted centrifugal pump is used in pressure maintenance systems with low-pressure pipelines.


Separate water injection into discharge wells in reservoir pressure maintenance systems.


  • Installation within 1 RIH/POOH operation;
  • Pump and drive replacement without well killing;
  • Easy wide-range injection control;
  • Use of TMS data for injection control;
  • Safe tubing pressure release into annular space during workover;
  • Well killing and discharge equipment included;


  • Use of low pressure pipelines in reservoir pressure maintenance systems;
  • Specified geological parameters achieved through controlled injection;
  • Reduced maintenance and repair cost;

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Technical specification

  • Flow rate*, bopd (m3 /d):
  • up to 10065 (1600)
  • Head**, ft (m):
  • up to 6890 (2100)
  • Valve drive type:
  • explosion-proof asynchronous electric drive
  • Motor location:
  • surface (at wellhead)
  • Control box:
  • with VFD
  • Pump type:
  • converted ESP
  • Max. inlet pressure, MPa (Psi):
  • 3 (435)
  • Overpressure/depressure protection:
  • ECM, TMS

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