Sand prevention pipe

Sand prevention pipe

Sand prevention pipe is designed to prevent solids penetration into SRP.


Prevents solids penetration when SRP operation is suspended.


  • Sludge trap size can be increased;
  • Prevents solids penetration into operating parts of the pump;
  • Reliable pump start;


  • Reduced risk of sucker rod string break due to plunger clogging;
  • Longer runlife of sucker rod pumping system due to slower wear of barrel-plunger;

Order reference

325 (2 7/8″) – tubing ID
175 – pump size

Technical specification

  • Tubing ID, inch (mm):
  • from 2 3/8 (60)
  • Casing ID, inch (mm):
  • from 4 (102)
  • Stroke length, inch (mm):
  • up to 315 (8000)

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