Sand screen filter adjustable

Sand screen filter adjustable

Adjustable sand screen filter neutralizes negative effects of solids on downhole pumping equipment and reduces risk of failure.


Adjustable sand screen filter is designed to prevent penetration of solids into ESP pumps from intake and to reduce wear of operating pump parts.


  • Adjustable turn-to-turn clearance – 0.0039-0.039 inch (0.1-1 mm) – to adjust filtration capacity;
  • Cascade connection of several sections;
  • Self-cleaning spring filtering element;


  • Prevents early wear of downhole pumping equipment;
  • Reduced risk of failure of downhole pumping equipment caused by pump clogging;
  • Longer runlife of ESP;
  • Reduced ESP repair cost;

Order reference


Technical specification

  • Shaft connection size:
  • on Customer’s order
  • Turn-to-turn clearance, inch (mm):
  • 0.0039-0.039 inch (0.1-1 mm)
  • Separation coefficient, %:
  • up to 95
  • Flow rate, bopd (m3 /d):
  • up to 3520 (560)

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