SPeaR pump with plate valves

SPeaR pump with plate valves

SPeaR pump with plate valves provides operation in wells with highly viscous oil, deviated wells up to 90° and sidetracks. It is also widely used in combination with flexible cable rod for highly deviated wells.


Pump is designed for operation in wells with boreholes of complex geometry, deep, deviated and horizontal wells (up to 90°), sidetracks, slim holes, and wells with highly viscous emulsions.


  • Continuous sucker rod string tension due to differential rod application;
  • Plate standing and travelling valves;
    Pump pull-out without additional drain device;
  • Guided plate valves provide strict axial stroke which prevents valves floating;
  • Positive closing of standing and travelling valves;
  • High-temperature modification up to 572°F (300°C);


  • Prevents sucker rods floating;
  • Increased efficiency ratio;
  • Efficient performance in deviated wells;
  • Alternative option to small-size ESP.;

Order reference

SPeaR (P) 44/24
44 –nominal pump size
24 – differential rod OD

Technical specification

  • Pump type:
  • tubing, special
  • Nominal size:
  • 44 (175), 57 (225), 70 (275)
  • Tubing diameter, inch (mm):
  • from 2 3/8 (60)
  • Stroke, inch (mm):
  • up to 315 (8000)
  • Pump head, ft (m):
  • up to 7215 (2200)
  • Estimated flow rate, bopd (m 3 /d):
  • up to 565 (90)

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