Sucker rod pumps

ELKAM performs full cycle of manufacturing of sucker rod pumps – from workpiece to pump assembling and hydraulic pressure testing.

Workpieces are purchased from certified and approved suppliers both Russian and foreign.

Manufacturing facility of ELKAM is equipped with up-to-date tools and CNC machines.

  • Facility surface is 17062 sq. m.
  • Surface of warehouse of finished products is 738 sq. m.
  • There are 42 machines.
  • There are 650 employees.
  • Manufacturing volume is 12 thousand pumps per year.

For manufacturing of pumps operating elements we apply up-to-date and unique methods of hardening: ion-vacuum nitriding, carbon nitriding, magnetron sputtering, chrome plating, cold radial forging.

All our products pass 100% quality control.

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