Tubing sucker rod pump

Tubing sucker rod pump

Tubing sucker rod pump barrel is set in borehole on tubing string to determined depth, while plunger is run-in separately on sucker rod string or together with pump connected by on-tool.


  • In comparison to insert pump, barrel of tubing pump
    can be same or bigger than tubing string;
  • Various options of drain valves are available: breakable
    plug, retrievable standing valve, calibrated burst plate;
  • Various design options of barrels, plungers and seat & ball
    valves for different operating conditions are available;
  • Pump can be equipped with high-strength
    rod to increase pump reliability;

Technical specification

  • Nominal size:
  • 32 (125), 38 (150), 44 (175), 57 (225), 70 (275), 95 (375) other sizes are available on Customer’s request
  • Flow rate, bopd (m3 /d):
  • up to 1885 (300)
  • Pump head, ft (m):
  • up to 9850 (3000)
  • Stroke, inch (mm):
  • up to 315 (8000)
  • Design options:
  • API 11AX, Customer’s specifications

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