W.I.F.E. water injection filtering equipment

W.I.F.E. water injection filtering equipment

Modular water filtering system.


Cleaning of process water from mechanical impurities in reservoir pressure maintenance systems in oil industry.


  • Rated fineness of cleaning from 1 μm;
  • Installation on modular group pumping station, cluster pads and injection wellhead is possible;
  • Long service life of filtering elements;
  • Backflushing of filters with no need stop water injection into the well;
  • Different modifications: modular design, number of modules depending on required flow rate;
  • Simple and reliable design;


  • Maintenance of wells injection capacity;
  • Reduced impact of solids on pumping equipment in reservoir pressure maintenance systems;
  • Compliance with oil production company standards for suspended solids content in injected water;
  • Reduced workover cost to restore well injection capacity;

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Technical specification

  • Operating pressure*, Psi (MPa):
  • up to 5076 (35)
  • Nominal pipe size, inch (mm):
  • from 2.5 (65)
  • Operating fluid:
  • fluids used in reservoir pressure maintenance systems (fresh water, reservoir water, produced water)
  • Flow rate**, bopd (m3 /d):
  • from 315 (50)
  • Nominal filtering capacity (particle size), μm:
  • from 1
  • Sample design:
  • Two-stage (hydrocyclone + fine filters)

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