Working meeting with oilmen from LUKOIL

Today heads and top engineers of oil & gas production workshops of LUKOIL visited ELKAM. Such working meetings are held on the regular basis

One of the key themes of today’s meeting was the discussion of ELKAM’s new developments for R&D works: tubingless oil production technology, automatic water injection filtering system, point heating equipment, linear surface and submersible drives, de-gassing surface pump

During the visit manufacturing facilities at the department of SRPs repair and servicing our specialists demonstrated to the guests from LUKOIL the process of assembly of specialized SPeaR pump for viscous oil production and exploitation of deviated wells and rat holes, and set of pumps for simultaneous oil production

So we are always glad to meet with You, because personal meetings of manufacturers and oilmen allow to build the most effective relationship and find the best solutions for any, even very complicated, tasks