Tubing SRP

ELKAM manufactures tubing SRPs with nominal size from 1 1/4″ up to 4 3/4″. These pumps can be fitted with retrievable plunger (catcher) or drain valve (membrane or with breakable plug). Depending on availability of catcher and type of drain device tubing SRPs have the following denomination: according to Russian standard GOST – NN2B, NNSh, NNB, NNBA, according to API 11-AX – THM-S, THM, THC. At customer’s order pumps can be completed with barrels, plungers and valve pairs of various materials and additionally fitted with on/off tool, gas-sand anchor or sand prevention pipe.

Tubing sucker rod pump

Tubing sucker rod pump barrel is set in borehole on tubing string to determined depth, while plunger is run-in separately on sucker rod string or together with pump connected by on-tool.

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