Flexible cable rod

Flexible cable rod equipment set is used for SRP operation in side-holes of small diameter, inclined and highly deviated wells (up to 90°). Equipment set consists of sucker rods string, tubing string, flexible cable rod, crossover coupling, specialized SPeaR pump and slot filter. Application of cable rod at the place of maximum inclination angle allows avoiding wearing of tubing string by sucker rod couplings due to decrease of friction between rods and tubing.

Flexible cable rod

Flexible cable rod is designed for operation of highly deviated wells and small ID sidetracks.

Related equipment

Flexible cable rod set

Flexible cable rod set increases pump setting depth in sidetrack and provides additional oil production.

SPeaR pump with plate valves

SPeaR pump with plate valves provides operation in wells with highly viscous oil, deviated wells up to 90° and sidetracks. It is also widely used in combination with flexible cable rod for highly deviated wells.

Sucker rod pump with KTC hemisphere valves

SRP with KTC hemisphere valves provides oil production in wells with deviation angle up to 70 degrees and high viscosity oil.

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