Lateral holes and deviated wells

Equipment set with flexible cable rod (specialized sucker rod pump SPeaR + flexible cable rod) is used for operation of wells with lateral holes of small diameter (pump is located directly in lateral hole below dynamic fluid level) as well as deviated wells for decrease of friction between sucker rods and tubing string. Lateral hole deviation angle at pump setting place is up to 62 degrees. Pump setting depth is up to 2200 meters. This equipment avoids problems with rod couplings joints (loose or tighten connections; swabbing effect; breakings because of ends defects and corrosion).

Related equipment

Flexible cable rod

Flexible cable rod is designed for operation of highly deviated wells and small ID sidetracks.

SPeaR pump with plate valves

SPeaR pump with plate valves provides operation in wells with highly viscous oil, deviated wells up to 90° and sidetracks. It is also widely used in combination with flexible cable rod for highly deviated wells.

Sucker rod pump with KTC hemisphere valves

SRP with KTC hemisphere valves provides oil production in wells with deviation angle up to 70 degrees and high viscosity oil.

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